Azure Form Recognizer adds preview of data extraction and new languages

Form Recognizer, an Azure Cognitive Service, is introducing support for
pre-built identification documents (IDs) and invoice extraction, plus the ability
to read data in 64 additional languages (raising the total to 73).
The new pre-built IDs feature will enable automated extraction of data from
worldwide passports and driver’s licenses, helping customers avoid manual
data entry and improving services like online banking transactions and
hotel registration.
Data extraction from invoices will further help customers extract text,
key-value pairs and tables from documents to produce structured data that
reflects the relationships in the original file without manual data labeling
or intensive coding.
Language support will expand to 73 this month from the existing nine:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch
(all generally available), and Simplified Chinese and Japanese (in preview).

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